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Thread: Simple meal routines

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    Catherine: I have almost a nut buffet from Costco in a very easy-to-reach place in the kitchen - a jar of almonds, one of pecans, one of mixed unsalted nuts, one of pistachios. I also have figs and dates and dried unsweetened coconut and a jar of sunflower seeds. It's all on the bookcase I made in carpentry class; it is my "healthy snacks bookcase." I find if healthy options are easily accessible and plentiful, we will go for them. Any junk food lives on top of the refrigerator and is harder for me to reach at least.

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    If we are home we eat our big meal for lunch. Then we are on our own in the evening. We are going to California the next 4 days so our meals will be very simple as we will eat out)

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    So what I'm trying to do now is make a big dinner on Sunday for all week (except Sunday, I make a dinner then for just that day as well). Last week was lentil soup, I ate with canned herring (on the side). This week is beef and rice casserole (maybe with avocado depending on if that thing gets ripe anytime soon). Should last all work week. Easier than making something different daily, variety by week rather than day.

    Lunch is salad as ever - made the night before, it's been doable. Breakfast is still yogurt (still finding local berries but getting scarce).
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    I decided to simplify the meal routine a couple of months ago, with a template for the week. It has been helpful, but the most helpful thing is cooking extra and having meals in the freezer. Here's my template if you're looking for ideas... (Note that I'm cooking for a vegetarian teen who has recently become very picky. Left to my own devices, the menu would be more varied... I make large salads for myself to have for lunch, and those are different every week. This week, it's lacinato kale-carrot-quinoa.)

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