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Thread: Challenges along my "no clothing purchases for a year" challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by iris lilies View Post
    Didn’t mean to turn this thread into a referendum on me but hey there’s clearly something wrong with me! Ha ha. I understand the importance of a new human in the family. I get that it’s a very big deall!!! But all these “firsts” experiences seem like silly empty rituals to me. I do i fact hate ritual, so that is a basis here.
    I don't necessarily hate rituals but perhaps I do. I agree, go to the son's concert. That newborn won't know he/she was 3d old instead of 1d old when you first viewed. Hubby and I neither one, can remember our "wedding dance song". I can describe my dress-I took it to Goodwill so someone else could use it. I do not have it in a "air sucked out" box. Neither of us wear wedding rings. We don't do something fancy on our anniversary every year-drives my sister nuts. We take a trip to somewhere in the US we want to see on our "every 5th" anniversaries. It's one of our vacations those years. Oh, and I don't wear black to funerals!

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    I related recently here how non-memorable are Life Passage Events to me and even DH.

    We were recently in Iowa in the county where we got married. He said “oh hey we got married at Ames City Hall.” I said “no, we got married in a different town at the county courthouse”. He said “Charlie our best man still lives in Ames.” I said “no Charlie was not our best man that was your friend…I can’t even remember his name.”

    Then we went to Des Moines and drove by a cemetery. I asked “is that where my mom is buried? “ DH said “gee, I don’t know— maybe.”

    My brother’s wife is in charge of all of this family lore stuff because she lives and breathes it.I just don’t care.

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    It is times like this that I know I am somewhere on the autism spectrum because I cannot relate to all of these special occasion clothing dilemmas.
    yea I'm like if the dress fits and looks nice, wear it. If not, get a new dress. How is this complicated?
    If you want something to get done, ask a busy person. If you want them to have a nervous breakdown that is.

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