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Thread: Remembering Stan Rogers (1949-1983)

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    Remembering Stan Rogers (1949-1983)

    Stan Rogers wrote a line in his song, Let Me Fish Off Cape St Mary's:

    And when I reach that last big shoal,
    Where the groundswells break asunder,
    Where the wild sands roll to the surge's toll,
    Let me be a man and take it,
    When my dory fails to make it.

    Stan Rogers was 33 when he died due to smoke inhalation and burns while a passenger on a commercial aircraft flying home to Canada. "He will not grow old, as we grow old".

    The CBC remembered Stan Rogers in the linked "Rewind" program (53 minutes).

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    When people pass away but leave some precious creations behind, they do seem timeless beings whatever the art form but music is especially memorable.
    Gandhi: Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony .

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