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Back when I was in college in Coral Gables, a ritzy old suburb of Miami, I remember reading an article in the Miami Herald about a guy who was being hassled by his neighbors who reported him to the city because the city didn't allow pickups to be parked in one's driveway. He owned a construction business of some sort and had a brand new truck that he used for work. To get around that rule, and piss off his a-hole neighbors, he bought an ugly old beater car, started parking his truck at the nearby train station and would drive the beater car to/from the train station every day to get to his truck, and leave the beater car in his driveway from the time he got home until he went to work in the morning. It looked infinitely worse, but was in compliance with the rules.
Great story! That restriction would absolutely impact 80% of Vermonters. In fact, conversely, my neighbors prejudged me on the basis of my Prius with NJ license plates, so I'm lucky I was able to drive over the state line!

I've told this story before but when I lived in NJ, one of the neighbors in a nearby community lined his driveway with bowling balls. The neighbors complained all the time, but they had no legal right to make him remove them. So they got one of the neighbors to offer to buy a couple of the bowling balls, and once he accepted their offer, they were able to make him remove his "commercial inventory." So he complied.... and then lined his driveway with vintage rocking horses.

(Ages ago, when I first told this story, I found out that that person is one of this forum's cousins--amazing "small world" story. I don't believe the member is currently active, but if so, I hope they don't mind my retelling it. It's definitely a tale of local yore)