I just had my second ulna shortening osteotomy a few weeks back (right wrist this time) and it has been an easier heal than the left wrist (surgery on that last fall). The left wrist is still having problems. I did have the plate taken out back in June because I felt it interfered with playing the guitar. I felt I had good results but then I had a couple of falls on my wrists in August and also last week which have sent things backsliding quite a bit (I tripped going up the steps in the new house and landed on the new scar and plate area of the freshly surgeried right wrist (I wasn't wearing my brace at the time) and smacked the left wrist and hand pretty hard. Big ow!

I am going in on Monday morning for the ortho doctor's assessment of my recent MRI on the left wrist and find out what she thinks. I read the report and it said I had another TCFF tear in the cartilage (which I believe happened way back last spring and has continued to get worse over time) and also a big ol' ganglion cyst. All I know is I haven't really been able to play my guitar since August, and metal smithing had become harder and harder leading into the most recent surgery.

Do I regret having the surgeries? I don't know yet. My wrists were getting to the point of not being able to function at the rate I was going so if I ignored their advice, I'd probably be in the same place I am now due to the degeneration that has been occurring. So I continue to wait and see and try to heal from the surgery from a few weeks ago.