This frosty time of the year the moon and stars seem brighter to my eye.

I am starting this thread to inquire about your star (or stars).

Is there a certain star that has particular meaning or magic for you?

In the night sky I always looked for Polaris.

And the big dipper... I think it was The Weavers who I first heard to sing "Follow the Drinkin' Gourd" for the ol' man is a-waitin' for to carry you to Freedom. Follow the Drinkin' Gourd.

I also remember times I lived in Pennsylvania, and the Moravian Academy "for love and understanding" Moravian's amazing man-made stars, bright, light, and mathematically precise!

As an old man, I taught youngsters how to fold Froebel Stars with strips of paper. Years later, as an old-old man, I remember every moment of that teaching with satisfaction.

Back in November 1833 an intense Leonid Meteor shower was observed in Alabama. In the 20th Century this shower was musically remembered by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, "...and stars fell in Alabama last night."