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Thread: Making yogurt

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    I used to make yogurt all the time through many of the methods mentioned above. Had a Salton and had the yogurt cups. Both worked well, but were largely dependent on the recipe used. Have pasted on those a long time ago, but still have my thermos for the method razz described. I like that the best, but - again - haven't made any in a while. This thread is a great reminder, thanks!!
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    I've been using a Salton quart-size yogurt maker for over 12 years. I use a glass mason jar instead of the plastic container that came with it. Here's my system:
    Heat milk to at least 165F. Allow to cool to below 110F. Stir in 1/4 to 1/2 cup plain yogurt (I don't measure).
    Incubate for at least 8 hours (actual time I use depends on what time of day it starts... overnight is convenient).
    When done, it should be quite thick. I drain off most of the loose whey and use it in bread baking, but I don't strain it through a strainer and coffee filter.

    What has caused thin yogurt for me:
    - Milk too hot when adding yogurt
    - Starter yogurt too old, or used for too many cycles of yogurt making (I usually can guess in advance when this will happen, as the yogurt will have a very creamy but somewhat stringy texture for a couple of batches first).

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    You guys are a lot more ambitious than me. I buy it)

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