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Thread: Trump is the Chosen one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan View Post
    And yet they haven't and I suspect the vast majority never will.
    As Rick Perry might say, pride goeth before a fall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LDAHL View Post
    As Rick Perry might say, pride goeth before a fall.
    ha ha, good one.

    As as far as intellectual superiority I think many sides of our current political atmosphere are to blame. Some people are incredulous that the validity of every sentence of the Bible and their belief in Jesus Christ is ever questioned. How could people be so stupid as not to believe in Jesus? Some truly believe the only reason trump has such opposition is they are poor losers. How could they not see what a bright stable genius savior sent from the almighty father he is? Both the right and the left believe the others news coverage is wrong, false and only fools would believe such propaganda. And some truly believe white is the superior race, how could you be so stupid as not to realize that? And some think only an ignorant racist moron would ever consider voting for Trump. Some think if women just will it they would be unable to get pregnant when raped.

    You know, very few people would say our immigration system was perfect before Trump. The difference is in the solution. The same for our healthcare system, taxation, military complex, education system, welfare system and so on.
    Some of these things may be improved, some may be much worse by the policies that are being put in place. .

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