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Thread: Health Insurance: "Shart Term" aka "Junk" Insurance

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    My paranoia stems from feeling so manipulated. First I'm guilted for being so irresponsible as to take care of my own health when there's nothing wrong with me. Heaven forbid I should just be healthy. I'm 56 years old, I ought to do the decent thing and need a prescription. Then standards are moved all over the place to "prove" that I'm not healthy after all. Then drugs are forced on me to 'fix my number', and if I have the audacity to refuse, my insurance company browbeats my doctor for my non compliance, and my doctor then routinely scolds me for not "doing anything" about a number that didn't concern me in the first place. Cholesterol is what I have in mind, but mild overweight, slightly high blood pressure, minutely over the line blood sugar and a host of other things now fall into the same pattern.

    I'm not entirely sure where the drive for increased costs comes from. Patients? Doctors? Devices? Hospitals? Pharma? Crazy expensive procedures, or just the propensity to recommend them for everyone? Better get an MRI for that sore thumb, you never know. Insurance? Fear of lawsuits?

    What I do know is that a lot of basically healthy patients get an emotional reassurance from participating in the Be Good Little Girls and Boys program, and the rest of the parties make money off it. The politicians just get richer from making sure the spin never stops being in conflict, and what's needed is more and different rather than less and standard. Could you imagine how much salary would be lost if we actually came to a decision and stopped arguing over healthcare! Catastrophe!

    And yes, Jane. What I learned from spending a week staring at commercial TV is that everyone can live like a unicorn farting rainbows if only they Ask Their Doctor If Thanatophobia Is Right For Them. Either that, or buy their spouse a $60,000 automobile for Christmas.

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    I don't think anyone is forced to get healthcare if they don't want it (yes there are certain incentives pushing tests etc, almost exclusively Medicare and Medicaid (and mostly the Advantage I think)).

    I think most people just want to have the ability to get healthcare if they NEED it, and maybe get a yearly physical as well if they want. I had strange symptoms when I was working at a place that was a superfund site. And it was drilled into me by that, how much we don't control about health, what if one is exposed to toxins in a increasingly toxic world and what if one HAS TO be exposed to toxins as a trade off to earn a living etc.?

    I'm basically ok, that ended, life went on, health improved, I still have a few strange symptoms. Whether "working at a toxic waste dump" had anything to do with that noone will ever know.
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    Kip, they keep lowering the threshold for everything which I find to be ridiculous.

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