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Thread: Work update

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    Work update

    Things have been better at work for the most part. Manager and supervisor have let up their stupid nagging.

    But the golden child, who Iíve taken to calling Duchess, is turning into an entitled brat. You might remember me posting that last year another coworker won plane tickets at an airline party she didnít go to. She had her nose seriously out of joint for days and went around saying the coworkers tickets should have gone to her! Anyway, same airline party. She went this time. A different coworker won tickets. Duchess is unhinged about it. Iím told she came unglued big time at the party. Itís really funny to watch. She is generally good at the workload stuff, but her personality is entitlement central.

    Sheís from a former Soviet Bloc country. Early 30s. Her parents are (and were) pretty well off. She gets two weeks vacation a year and takes it all. Either she goes back home with husband and toddler or they come here. She complains constantly about the lack of more vacation time and actually demands I give her some of mine. Mind you, Ive been here 13 years. I asked her once why she didnít move back home. Her answer was that there is more opportunity here. She wants to take the brokers exam but canít get it through her head you have to be a US citizen to even take exam. She threw a fit again when I showed her Customsí website with that info.

    We have a lovely guy from Europe who started in our office a year ago. Excellent English. She and he work on the same stuff and she treats him like dirt. He has much more knowledge and experience than her. He calls her Duchess now too. She doesnít like it. She went off on him in a meeting and boss told her to sit down and shut up.

    If she would just shut her entitled yap, things would be so much better.

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    Ha! We had one of those too, and my SO took to calling her "La Princesa." Maybe there's one in every office.

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