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Thread: Helping with Church Fund Raising Can be Hurtful

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    Quote Originally Posted by beckyliz View Post
    As a past church financial secretary and a current church treasurer, I can tell you most people do NOT tithe (10% of their income to their church). Yet, those are the ones who expect the church building to be available for a funeral or wedding; don't understand why programs are funded, etc.
    beckyliz, I can identify with you. Me, church treasurer (and I guess financial secretary?), for something like 16 years! I keep trying to give it up and there is NO ONE who wants to take it over. Just an aside here with no intention of changing the direction of this thread.
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    Watching my 90 year old mother, who is quite wealthy but buy no means rolling in income, deal with an endless parade of solicitors, might give me a little insight into your rude responders.

    Some people are already giving til they're dry. It's offensive to be targeted as, perhaps, a sure thing or a patsy because you've already made a generous donation. I'm not saying your people are feeling this way about you in particular, but if they've already received 200 manipulative requests from the cancer society or planned parenthood after having given what they have to give, sometimes requests that seem like all the money they already gave is being used to market them, they may not be in a frame of mind to be open to any more giving.

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