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Thread: California's solar mandate

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    My electric bill runs $104 a month, but I keep a pretty chilly house.

    I see gas heat as sitting on a potential bomb; it seems there are always gas leaks around town, streets blocked off, citizens warned away...Not to mention the ever-looming threat of carbon monoxide poisoning, and the occasional pipeline breach. Unlikely on a case by case basis, but it's an avoidable risk.

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    I really would be great if there were larger scale solutions, which is what I think you mean by more uniform solutions. I kinda also think that there is a positive feedback that is created with every small solution. If even a small handful of homes get solar installed (the new homes in CA), it will create an increment of more business for the solar industry as a whole. These businesses in this industry will then take that increased business and strength to bring down their costs further, and make it even easier for solar to gain the traction that it really should have. It's more cost effective overall, IMO, than fossil fuels. I know that opens a large can of worms for discussion, but anyway.
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    What the planet needs is clean and unlimited space-based solar energy.

    Back in the 1990s, Congress asked NASA to research space-based solar. After a three year study with positive results, in 2001 NASA asked for and received funding for a new space-based solar energy program. But later that year, NASA's space-based solar program was mysteriously canceled without public explanation [the last update on it's now defunct space-based solar energy website was August 2001.]

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    In the rustbelt the sun does not come out for a week sometimes. Solar is only a supplement here.

    I drove through IN last week. Tons of windmills. They must be one of the leaders in wind.

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