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Thread: Scale of one to ten....

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    I feel election night will ultimately come as something of a relief in that it ends what looks to be a pair of relentlessly ugly and loud campaigns. I expect meretricious moralizing, clueless condescension and truth-torturing on both sides. Itís hard to see at this point any likely outcome that will lead to an improved political climate.

    The funny thing is, I donít particularly dread that. We seem to be doing fairly well in almost every other sphere. Maybe a political class distracted by ridiculous feuding isnít the worst that could happen. Surely the last few years have taught us that.

    In any event, I donít see it as worth losing sleep over.

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    Tuning out 8, dreading 10.

    we live in NH, you think itís bad elsewhere? Ha! Except for Iowa, this place is probably the worst. It becomes a zoo every election cycle.

    I will say that befuddling pollsters is good clean fun. Tell them you refuse to respond to a question because itís so slanted and they donít know what to do. Tell them 2 months before the election that you havenít decided yet and they think youíre lying. Tell them you have no tv and throw out the ads without reading them and only listen to npr, they also think youíre lying, even though itís the truth. Itís my job to increase the percentages outside the bell curve; to foster the idea that there ARE people out there who do research and make up their own minds, no matter what the sound bites.

    iím a voter who believes in my own convictions, and I studied sales, history and effective writing far too long to believe the snake oil.

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    I am with BAE. We have decided what we are doing and are avoiding the media as much as possible.

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