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Thread: No new clothing purchase for one year challenge - update

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    No new clothing purchase for one year challenge - update

    Haven't posted for awhile. We decided to sell our condo out east last fall and just moved out west. We're in the middle of buying a home and are still not settled.

    I have to report that my experiment has been a flop. I put on the 10 lbs+ that I lost last year. On top of that, we moved from a cold climate to a very warm one. So I kind of just gave up. I need some time to rebalance.

    On a positive note, while our condo was on the market, I sold quite a few of my cold weather sweaters and jackets on ebay. I used that money to purchase some lighter weight, looser fitting items for our warmer climate. And now that I have a better feeling for how to dress here, I will sell more once we're settled in our new home.

    I am happy so see that there are many second hand clothing stores here in case I need more lighter weight garments. The move cost more than we anticipated (doesn't it always) and i need to get back on track.

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    I think the moving, then revising your wardrobe by selling old and using that money to purchase new better suited close is wonderful--very frugal and in keeping with what you are trying to do.

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    Looks like you were doing great until circumstances changed. You need new climate appropriate clothing. Take time to adjust and plan accordingly.

    Your no new clothing purchases threads inspired me to do a no yarn purchases challenge.

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