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Thread: The new girl

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    I no longer snore with my cpap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catherine View Post
    To the snorers and partners of snorers: Go for a sleep study. If you are snoring because of apnea, a CPAP is a GIFT to your partner and to yourself, if it reunites you in the same bed and reduces health risks. DH has a CPAP and never mind him--I love it.
    Husband has one and loves it but we both love sleeping separately and having a whole bed to stretch out in.

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    I have noticed that I am really second guessing myself about throwing certain things away because I am afraid of "going too far". For example, there was a dehumidifier and an electric heater fan thingy in the linen closet that hadn't been used in 20 years. In the pantry was several lunchboxes and cooler type things that also hadn't been used in years. No reason to keep them but I couldn't get rid of them for some reason. After debating with myself, I finally pulled the trigger and tossed them.

    The more I tell myself I am at a good place with decluttering unused items, the more I worry about getting rid of too much and people seeing how little we have, they will think we are weird. :ohwell:

    But I have to say seeing a shelf full of unused items go out of the house or the floor of a closet get cleared out really makes me feel happy at the end of the day. Plus I just made it that more easier on myself to clean. The time it takes to clean has decreased expediently and if people stop by unexpectedly, I am not stressed or embarrassed about how the house will look. :biggrin:

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