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Thread: Is anyone here living auto free?

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    I fell over a week ago on my bike and it put a damper on my biking everywhere, well for a week at least. We had 8 inches of snow and 3 days in the house did it for me I hopped on and rode 5 miles and headed back, I knew it was dumb, I know 100% it was my poor choice that caused it. I was very lucky I know, I hit the curved rail road tracks not straight on and with the snow I went down. Main Street in town at school pick up time. I really was not sure if my pride was more hurt or my bouncing hurt more. I had full snow gear on which helped. Nothing broken thank goodness.
    Anyhow to get back on bike for the first time was difficult, admitting I am older was difficult. Admitting 100% my fault.

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    So sympathize with the need to get out. You were not dumb but simply learning something new or at least that it what I tell myself when things don't go as I had hoped. I confess that I admire that you were biking through 8 inches of snow to start with. I struggle walking through that much especially if 1/2 tons have plowed their way through leaving deep ruts.
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    I am happy to hear that you are back up on your bike after the mishap. I had one bad encounter with railroad tracks on "Old Watch and Pray" (my bike, which is in storage for the winter). In my case, every bit of damage could be repaired in the bike shop. And I learned something.

    My Old Dad used to say, "Every experience teaches you something. And the experiences you learn the most from are the ones that almost kill you."

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