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Thread: Use Tibetan Singing-Bowls for Healing

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    Use Tibetan Singing-Bowls for Healing

    Is anyone familiar with Tibetan singing-bowls? Basically, you
    can heal people by using ceramic bowls and rubbing them
    a mallet. They play different notes depending on the size
    the bowl, like keys on the piano.

    My question is: can this generate a stable source of income
    I did
    the math. If I charge $80 per 1-hour session, I only need
    10 patients per week, to generate enough to live on my own.

    I live in the San Gabriel Valley; part of Los Angeles county.

    Thank You

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    Didn't you ask this same question a few weeks ago?
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    You most certainly did, and the overwhelming answer was, "this doesn't sound particularly viable. But even if it is, if you have to ask this question then you haven't done your homework."

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    Do you have a demonstrated track record of healing people using these singing-bowls? Is there any evidence, perhaps published in a peer-reviewed journal, that they have healing properties?

    Since I can buy a nice singing-bowl set from Amazon for $30, why would someone pay $80/hour to have you chime the bowl for them? Or, they could go to Sedona and buy the bowl themselves, for about $180, though it is the same item Amazon sells for $30....

    Good luck!

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    As I noted in my earlier reply, there is nothing Tibetan about this practice. As a first step, out of respect to a group that is fighting very hard for its cultural and practical survival, maybe you can give up the idea of trying to make money off of something that appropriates their name and makes up "traditions" for sexy new-age marketing purposes. If you truly have an interest in Tibetan cultural practices there are many buddhist groups in greater LA you could go and try to learn from. Maybe even some practitioners of Tibetan medicine. Which has a totally different cultural background and theory of the body compared to Western medicine that takes years of study to master. Not something you can buy on Amazon.
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