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Thread: Job interview advice

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    Interview ended about an hour ago, decided I needed lunch before updating everyone.

    I'm cautiously optimistic, I checked myself before I started rambling. I asked questions and showed I did my homework checking out the company. I told some amusing stories that showed I am organized and can handle last minutes changes. I told the story of a breakfast I organized where the original plan was an omelette bar because the keynote speaker loved omelettes. Two weeks before the event he became vegan, so we had to make some changes. If they're interested in a face to face interview, they will call next week.

    I'm on the waiting list for the Interview workshop at the county job office, it's a long waiting list. Hoping I can incentivize friends with baked goods to help with mock interviews in the future.

    Thank you to everyone that gave advice, I know I'll use it in future interviews. Now the job search continues.

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    Good luck, congrats on acing it!

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