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Thread: living out a childhood dream

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    I've long been a gym person, been going for 20+ years, usually 4-6 times a week. I like cardio machines and free weights. I've never been into classes. However, a groups of friends decided to get together and attend a Boot Camp fitness class that meets three mornings a week, at the crack of dawn (6-7am) and I love it! It is very different from gym-type group classes. It is held at a martial arts facility and is very fast paced. This morning was the first class and I am feeling awfully proud of myself for getting up at 5:20 am (!!!) and working very hard. I will still do my normal gym stuff and pilates, and am thrilled to add this new adventure into my week.

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    Fantastic! I was just talking with friends today about how cool it is when people take up something new at an older age. Hope you continue to enjoy the class, BL!

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