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Thread: Cats on car hoods

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    Cats on car hoods

    I have a company truck that while I don't normally take it home - while parked at work - a cat has been getting up on the hood and PEEING in the vent area by the windshield wipers!

    And yes - when I turn on the defroster - I get the fresh scent of cat pee.

    I thought he was using an empty pallet to jump off of to get up, but I see this a.m. that he can jump to the bumper and then up to the hood.

    The smell of warm cat pee is not one that I really appreciate! Has anyone had success and keeping cats off a vehicle.

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    Makes one wonder what attracted the cat in the first place. Unique problem.

    Cats reportedly don't like orange oil. Can you somehow place a cloth that is sprinkled with orange essential oil on the vents?

    More info:
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    I have used moth balls to keep them from digging in the garden. It’s worth reading the label about health and safety issues.

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