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Thread: Why am I the only one?

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    But I put up with it because I didn't pick him for his housekeeping skills, I picked him because he's mostly a joy to spend time with.
    yea honestly I think living with my partner would be rocky (I don't) in large part because things would be messy. It that is meant to be at some point then I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. But I didn't pick him for the financial advantage of splitting rent either (somewhat less than it appears anyway, as I would insist I need to at least have a room of my own).

    Would have to be a new place anyway, where I am is too far from his work, and he does nothing but complain about how much he hates living in his apartment whenever he mentions it, meanwhile it's not perfect but I actually *like* my apartment, so living somewhere that seems to be gripe-ville and hated (it's noisy, it's super hot in summer and no A/C, the landlord doesn't fix things promptly or sometimes much at all, it's hard to find parking etc.) is really not so appealing.
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    I would like living close to a partner, but I need my own place. A duplex would be fine.

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    I saw this on FB today and it made me think of this thread:

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    Rosa, and my husband)

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