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Thread: Apple V. Microsoft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by happystuff View Post
    I'm thinking of playing around the loading Linux on it
    I will assume you've already done an Internet search to see if anyone else has loaded a flavor of Linux on your particular netbook? Some versions are better suited than others, both to your hardware and to your preferences as a computer user.
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    Quote Originally Posted by happystuff View Post
    Not an Apple person. My little netbook has the now unsupported Windows 7 on it, so I'm thinking of playing around the loading Linux on it. It will be my first foray into trying something like this, so any and all suggesting/hints/tips are welcome!
    Most flavors of Linux are designed to allow potential users to run it from a DVD or flash drive before loading it onto their systems. I'd suggest downloading a copy of Elementary OS to a flash drive and run it from there. If you play with it and like what you see it will allow you to install at any point in your investigation. It will also give you the option to keep your Windows install intact if there's room on your drive to accommodate both. Good Luck!
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    While I still have a gaming computer (Win 8.1, set to desktop mode and locked), it has been a LONG time since I gamed. (looked it up, bought for one game, bought and defeated in 2012, and rarely used since) I should convert it with Raspbian for development purposes.
    I have/own two Windows 10 computers, that are both work "laptops" (one closer to a netbook). That is so computer illiterate owners, have some access, because eventually, they may be forced to move that direction.
    What little they have done, is trivia and a couple Youtube video's, of how to fix something. Biblical typers (seek and ye shall find)
    What I used mostly (if I am somewhere else/dog sitting, I may use what is there), is a Linux laptop, that is another version of that glorified netbook. I also have some Raspberry PI's set up as dedicated tools (ad blocker being the main one).
    I was interested in Mac, until Apple, yanked the rights from my friends company to do clones. I did try to learn it a bit, since we have the first Bondi blue iMac in KC, sitting in a closet somewhere, but the terminology is different enough, and I am still a text person (don't even like the icon's in my word processor, give me words, people), it didn't last long. I believe that Mac is more stable, due to the Unix base of it, locked down.
    My phone is a candy bar style phone, so no real "OS" in practical terms. I picked up a backup, with Kai OS, but it would be used the same (as a phone only device). I have one Android device, but it isn't used for much (glorified portable entertainment system), since I don't have a google account, or care to, or want them to be able to access my stuff, for their version of Linux.
    Been thinking of a Motile laptop, for Free or OpenBSD, as a possible dedicated use computer.

    To the poster asking about Linux, you might look at distrowatch, and see if you have a local users group. Some distro's tend to be a bit easier (LinuxMint is a common new user one), where others you have a steeper learning curve, that access to other users, may help you learn and move ahead quicker. Youtube and a notepad are things I would say keep handy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catherine View Post
    Started out on Mac in 1989/1990 when I was hired by a school system to create newsletters with Pagemaker on an SE (Whoa--256KB!!). Then I had to migrate to Windows when I went corporate, but in 2008, when I went off on my own, I went Mac and stayed Mac. Have iPhone, iPad mini, MacBookAir.

    Have no interest in changing at this point, but I'd be open if there was a compelling reason to.
    I'd say there's more reasons not to. I'm jealous of people who are fluent in Mac.

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    SteveinMN and Alan - thanks. I appreciate the extra information. I'm behind in some things, as well as being really chicken, so I may put this off for a bit. LOL. Part of me says to simply wait until the netbook is on its last legs. We'll see. Definitely bookmarking this thread though.

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    iPhone and MacBook Pro.

    The MacBook is 4 years old and still runs like new. I wouldnít buy it again though cause a simple iPad or tiny laptop would be enough. I bought the pro when I was teaching at the community college and it was overkill even for that task. Now itís just websites and movies. Amy simple tablet could do that.

    I am partial to apple. Itís so secure and I get zero ads.

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