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Thread: Security on financial accounts

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    When I've chosen to unfreeze, I simply logged on to the account using my ID and (strong) password and got options to choose from on the screen. A couple of confirmations and I can unfreeze either for a specific entity or a specific date range.

    There are provisions in case you forget your ID or password (those magical "Mother's Maiden Name" or "High School Mascot" questions). In fact, I just had to recreate my account on TransUnion because, apparently, I haven't logged in in a year (time flies when you're having fun...). As always, make the answers to the questions bogus, like making "High School Mascot" not "Lions" or whatever it was, but "critters" or even the nonsense "bleen". Just write those down somewhere safe so you have access to the answer(s), because they have to match exactly.
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    Equifax has updated their process, I just had to unfreeze something a few days ago. You no longer need the holy grail password. Go to and log in (or register). On the right side of the screen is a square that says something like "manage a freeze". There's also an option on the left side, under Identity.

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    I have not done one week holds on my accounts. I deal with a well known mutual fund company where I have a rep., check my accounts frequently and trade in and out of accounts infrequently. I have been scammed once on my bank account but the bank security noticed within a few minutes and stopped the payment to the scammer's bank immediately! Lucky me. Now I pay cash on small transactions under $20 among other things. It makes for less excitement. Bicyclist

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    Today I finished this process.

    I set up a “fraud alert” with Equifax rather than a freeze. Supposedly with a “fraud alert” any company issuing credit is supposed to check to make sure it is really me who applied. I filed this request with Equifax,and they will convey the same to the other two credit companies.

    I got credit reports from all three of them, and open accounts are listed correctly. Oddly, Equifax has an incorrect birthday for me. My eyes glazed over at the documents they want to change anything on my record, so I think I will let it be.That incorrect birthday has worked fine for 40 years.

    Next I am going to put a fraud alert type notice on my retirement account. If that works out ok, ?I will talk to DH about doing that for other accounts.

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