Reached out to another human being and it worked out?

I'll start. I moved to Portland, OR after college and a year after I moved there, an acquintance from my college days moved to Seattle. This acquaintance was a close friend of the friend of mine that I split expenses moving to Portland with, and my friend gave me the acquaintances phone number in Seattle.

So unlike myself but I picked up the phone and wished this person good luck with their new life in Seattle. We've been close friends ever since - amazing as we have much in common personality wise but come from very very very different backgrounds. I'm not especially goid at reaching out to others and I believe it gets harder to do si as you get older, but I'm glad I did this back in 1992.

Interestingly enough, as a side note, this friend is female and has given me a perspective of what women's complaints about men are which has counterbalanced some of what I'm hearing from my Men's Rights friends.....i.e., things are tough all over. And I'm digressing, sorry. Rob