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Thread: Feb. Frugal and Yes it is Feb already!

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    My purse got a hole in the bottom and I stapled it together.

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    That sounds like a country song, Yppej, maybe Dolly Parton.

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    Tybee lol that does sound like a Dolly song.

    Feb29th Happy Leap Year Day!

    --A no spend day, never left the house with all the snow...
    that is one way to not spend.
    This has been a really good frugal month, lets hope I
    can make March is as good!

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    Well, for a month where I thought we spent very little, we spent a lot! Home insurance X2, umbrella policy, hubster's vehicle policy, ski pass near the cabin for next year, night ski pass for here. $220 for snow removal at the cabin. $850 for future vacations.

    All annual expenses (except snow removal) but none the less......a big spending month.

    The good news:
    our food budget (groceries and going out), is down $450 from last year's monthly average! So I guess we could consider hubby's ski pass FREE

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