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Thread: How do you stay in contact with friends and family?

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    One non-local friend send me a Christmas card every year.

    one emails me every six months or so. One emails me less often.

    one stays in touch with my parents who keep us both updated on each other. She calls every 5 or 6 years when I am at my parents’ house.

    those are all my non local friends who did not disappear completely into Facebook.

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    Email has been a boon for me to keep in touch. It's mostly replaced all phone or letters from the analog days. Messaging only occasionally when the message is short, but not a real way to catch up with news and events of friends and family. Since retiring I've had more face to face non-work real person contact and I don't think any other convenience has replaced that. I don't like face book. The few times I've been encouraged to join, I've said I'd like to stay in touch with emails or meeting over coffee.

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    Our daughter is in college now, and we send a lot of postcards back and forth. Every two or three weeks, we call and talk. Occasionally, I'll write a longer letter, but I haven't had as much time lately. If there's just something that needs taking care of, we use email, although that is sometimes initiated with a phone call. Luckily, her cell phone is still a local number for us, so we don't run up our long distance bill. Occasionally, we try to have some sort of video chat with her, but that never seems to work. FaceTime on our Macbook stopped working about ten years ago, and I haven't been able to figure out why. Video chatting always feels awkward anyway.

    Edited to add: I don't really keep in touch with my brother and sisters much. I write my brother once or twice a year, but I never hear back. We talk on the phone every two or three years, but we never have a lot to say. My father and his brother were like that, so it might just be a family trait. I get along well with one of my two sisters, and we exchange two or three letters a year, and talk on the phone about as often. She got rid of her land line, though, and I've always found I don't like calling people on their cell phone - I never know where they are, and I'm always thrown when they pick up and they're driving, or at the grandkids' football game, etc. So we don't talk as much as we used to, but she is my main source of family news.

    (I did get rid of my landline at one time, when everyone was doing that, but I found I felt somewhat bereft without it, and we had it put back. )

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