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Thread: What is the best way for melting chocolate?

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    What is the best way for melting chocolate?

    How do you melting chocolate for molds? what kind of chocolate do you use and how long does it take for the chocolate to harden?

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    You can melt any kind of chocolate. Which one is determined by what you plan to do with it. Google your desired outcome to determine which is best.

    Generally a double boiler. This can be made with a glass bowl suspended above water level in a pan with a few inches of water.

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    The Wilton (I believe that is the brand name) melting chocolates melt well in the microwave. Just watch carefully and stir often.
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    I melt all chocolate in the microwave. Break it into pieces and check at least every 30 seconds, stir it around. It will be mostly melted before it is obvious - the top may appear solid while the rest is melted. Don't overheat - let the heat it has already absorbed do the rest of the work.

    How long it takes to harden depends on what you do with it and the temperature of the environment.

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