My eye doctor retired during the lock down. DH was always happy with his so I switched and we made appointments. When the reminder call came he asked what they were doing for safety measures. He was told that the doctor was not doing anything at the moment. Masks made his glasses fog and he was looking into something else. DH canceled and said to call back when they had something in place. We hadn't heard anything so made a follow up call yesterday. No masks for the doctor, no masks for the staff, patients are not required to wear them, just come in. NOPE! Even our vet office doesn't let you walk in. You wait in the car and they come get your pet. My previous doctors office wear masks, gloves, have you wear a mask and wait in the car until they call you and then take your temp. We are both going back to my previous office. I still can't believe a doctor feels no need for protection especially when you are practically nose to nose.