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Thread: Anyone’s work being affected by coronavirus?

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    Sounds like things are going well and it WILL all come together. There is ALWAYS a learning curve, but seems like you will flatten this one out quickly.
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    Having challenges at the new job due to the very different system. I took good notes while training in person last week, but there are SO many moving parts. At old job we had extensive profiles for each customer. Very easy to cover for someone if they’re not in the office. Boss has started customer profiles but not done. He agreed it was long past time for them to be done. I got the “I’ve told you repeatedly” about X this morning. Boss is finally realizing that due to system being SO different I need procedures with screen shots, etc. There’s some bit of software that actually records what you’re doing on computer screen. THAT was enormously helpful.

    He was so swamped before I started that there was no time for him to do this stuff before I started.

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    Be kind to yourself and give yourself 6 months to find your complete confidence in the new position. Think of it as making a list of gently examining the ways and of smoothing the process of work so anyone can take it over with your background. Then you will have made the job your own.
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    Tradd, I agree with razz.Be kind to yourself during the first few weeks of intense learning. Do whatever it is that calms your mind — take little breaks, take walks, do breathing exercises, or whatever.

    Remember that you are skilled at learning new things, pretty intensely, both physical and mental, so you can do this!

    A year from now you’ll look back at this and see it as one more large body of knowledge you have conquered. Like major pieces of music you’ve learned. The orthodox church canon of knowledge you mastered. The import/export regulations for your brokers license. And of course, diving material in theory and practice.

    You will get there with this new job system.

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