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Thread: Anyone’s work being affected by coronavirus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yppej View Post
    You are falsely disparaging people who do not wear masks. There is a lot of data showing correlation between a lack of vaccination and severe covid outcomes. There is zero data showing a correlation between lack of mask wearing and serious covid outcomes. In fact, many public health officials have said recently, including Dr. Fauci who some of you here idolize, that almost all Americans will get covid. They have also said in so many words that masks that are not N95 or KN95 do nothing. As a result the Biden administration is planning to send out high quality masks to all Americans. I think by then omicron will have already finished its surge, typical for his slow response on things including test kits.

    I get that you're unhappy you are dealing with surgery, but lying about masks won't solve anything. If you want to blame someone try Biden who said no one had any idea a new variant would arise though everyone had told him. He is either dishonest or senile or both. Then he forced hospitals getting Medicaid or Medicare funds to fire unvaccinated employees leaving them short staffed. I predict he will be a one term president. I didn't think anyone could make Trump look good in comparison, but I was wrong.

    Honey … You are being the southend of a northbound horse.

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    Honey …
    Your term of endearment is not appreciated. I am a straight woman and am not interested in you.

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