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Thread: I don't understand how to pick a career on my own?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbow-Flame Mystic View Post
    Please rank these jobs in
    order from most to least stable:
    Define "stable"?

    Most of these jobs can or will be replaced by robots, outsourced overseas, or simply eliminated as technology moves on, with a long-enough timeframe.

    I mean, there's still a niche industry making buggy whips, but ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tybee View Post
    OP, I don't understand why you post questions here but then do not respond to the answers you get?
    Same things as other posters. (remember the do you think she likes me guy, or others?)
    No idea what is going on, unless this is a Miguel troll person that my searching has pulled up. (want to be professional trolls)

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    Many community colleges have career centers with helpful career coaches. Maybe check out one of those?
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    Suggestion: you seem pretty drawn to wanting to help people. There are lots of entry-level jobs in the healthcare field where you can get basic training in a few weeks or months. I saw a retina specialist yesterday and he had 2-3 people doing the initial vision screenings in the section of the practice where he would see people (someone always being pre-screened while he was doing his consult with the patient), and another guy who ran the retina scan machine. No blood draws or heavy lifting. I have no idea how competitive that particular field might be, but you could do some research and see where there might be opportunities. Here is one place to start:
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