I do both. We have 2 containers of tape. The packing tape and scotch tape live upstairs. The painter's tape, duct tape, etc. live downstairs.

We have main supplies of things in one place and then a few pieces in another: rulers for one, the main supply is upstairs. The smaller ones are downstairs. The specialized woodworking ones and the drafting ones are in the workshop.

Scissors the same way. All the tiny ones are stuck in florist foam in a purple cow creamer in the kitchen. The cow looks like it went to a bull fight in a nail parlor ;-) Yes, I"m weird, but it tickles my funny bone everytime I look at it. The main scissor supply is elsewhere. And there are some in the sewing kit too.


However, culling dupes? I got rid of my medium Pyrex measuring cup, also the medium bowl scraper. I always use either the big one or the little one. Why do I need the medium one too?