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Thread: so many IRS FreeFile options!!

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    so many IRS FreeFile options!!

    It's a snowy day so I decided to work on income taxes. It appears this year there are way more FreeFile options. Ugh!
    How does one know which is best to use? I feel like I'm shopping for insurance with so many options...

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    I have not been able to free file but we have used Turbotax (Intuit) for at least 15 years. Has saved us a huge amount. For simple returns which the free file all are, any of them would be fine and ask the same questions, require the same input, and produce the same result.

    Worked for the IRS for 31 years.

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    I used for my daughter's returns the last 2 years (she's a college student). Free federal, but they want you to pay for state. We can file on-line for our state for free, so that works for her.
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