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Thread: Dropping Collusion Insurance

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkytoe View Post
    This topic got me to pull out my policy and check. We have one 9 yr old car with 40K miles on it and are paying annually:
    Liability - 388
    Comp - 372
    Collision - 268
    It is the comprehensive that I question the most...but this definitely needs some updating. They give us a break on our house but looks like the make up for it on the car.
    Holy crap! That's more than I pay for full coverage on my 2016 Mercedes!

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    For us it would save $184 annually to drop collision on my 18 year old Honda with 47k miles. Having it came in handy 1 1/2 years ago when SO got rear ended and shoved into the car in front of him. We got a check quickly (and a very fair valuation) instead of having to wait 3 months for the other guyís insurance to cough up the money.

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