I have a family member who lives north of Salt Lake City where they had a 5.7 earthquake. They previously had lived in Southern CA, so they are no strangers to earth quakes. Though she said this one felt stronger because the center was just 10 miles away. They still maintain an apartment NW of Los Angeles and travel back and forth for work. They had to be evacuated the summer due to the wild fires from both their homes once while in UT and once in CA.

Of course then add the corona-virus to that, she texted today and said she was experiencing crisis burnout.

I thought of our own family. Daughter's work has closed down for 14 days. Multiple teachers in our immediate family whose schools have closed until the end of April. Another family member their business has decided to work in shifts - he now works from 1:30 - 10:00 pm. A big change from 6:30 am, so not as many people together at the same time. etc etc. So many changes, all happening so quickly. Church services cancelled. Summer wedding planning. Elderly parents requiring more attention.

Couple that with the ever changing news and non-stop updates, it has become almost exhausting. How are people coping? What are you doing to reduce the stress?