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Thread: Quarantine Daily To-Do List and Bookending

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    Went through my photos today and deleted probably 1K. I take a lot, plus there were lots of duplicates and such.

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    Rosa, that idea about credit card in your pocket is good. Your tips to remind yourself not to touch anything unnecessarily including your face are good too.

    When we get home from the grocery store, we took off all of our clothes and I found them in the washing machine. I am wearing Plastic slip on shoes a lot because when I get home I can throw them in the dishwasher or in the washing machine. We also keep plastic bins at the front door in the back door for shoes, but that’s kind of a pain because we also need a chair on the front porch to sit down and put on shoes.

    We go to the grocery store once a week no more often.

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    IL: Yes, we have agreed that there will be no quick runs for milk or bananas or whatever. If we run out of something, we will surely survive until the next week.
    Steve: I give a virtual high five to Market Basket for their credit card checkout, whereby I insert card and then remove it. No stylus signing or screen tapping or anything like that. Costco also seems to have this down to a science, and with the Costco Citi visa, no need to even show or hand over my membership card anymore.
    We do not remove or change clothes once we get home. I guess I would reconsider if sneezed upon or fondled by a stranger in the produce dept, but so far, so good.

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