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Thread: Quarantine Daily To-Do List and Bookending

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    Needed to get some stamps (I always send cards and letters out), but I ended up ordering off the USPS website. I always do that for my Christmas stamps. If they take a week to get here, that's OK.

    I got a month of Amazon Prime for something like $2. Think I'm going to keep it, as ordering non-food stuff online is just so much better now.

    I need to sort out my dress clothes, as when I go back to work, it mostly likely won't be in jeans like the old company.

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    @Steve: I never really have done much selling online; most of my pieces are in locked galleries right now. I am in the midst of taking a hiatus from smithing during the pandemic. I figure in a way it is a good time to get my wrists and hands to heal. Even before all this hit I had pulled out of two galleries because I just can't accomplish making enough jewelry these days to keep them stocked - I used the jewelry that was returned to me to restock the remaining galleries I am in (which are now closed). I have the feeling there is just not going to be a market for discretionary spending for a while anyway.

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    It makes sense for this to be a kind of farmer's winter for you. You do beautiful work; I hope more people see it when you feel better and we can all get out of our houses.
    Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. - Booker T. Washington

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    Quote Originally Posted by early morning View Post
    Got everything on my list accomplished except the insurance shopping. I also ground 10 pounds of beef, browned and froze it for future use. Cooked down a chicken carcass that had been in the freezer mocking me, and we had chicken with linguine for dinner. (Thought I had some dried spatzle but I was wrong.) Walked around in the yard a bit and picked up a few sticks, planned on where to move some of the more enthusiastic plants, etc. And finished re-watching the Harry Potter movies. All in all, a pretty good day.
    I was much amused by your mocking chicken carcass!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tybee View Post
    We put up our clothesline last week and it's wonderful hanging clothes outside again.
    Just washed the sheets again and letting them dry in the sun.
    May wash the dogs later.
    Air dried clothes and clean dogs. Lol. The smells of spring!

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    Today was pretty busy. Conducted a meeting via phone, scanner, and email. Almost the last thing I needed to do before ties are severed with old job. Still trying to decide if I'm elated or pi$$ed that I'm no longer employed. A bit of both, I suppose. Anyway. Washed a load of laundry and hung it out. Cleared most of the winter debris from the patio. Planned to make a choc cheesecake-type dessert with a mix DSis gave me (she won it in a basket of stuff at a quarter auction) and it smelled vile when opened, so I composed it and we had a lemony concoction instead. Very tasty! I don't really like talking on the phone all that much, but since we can't get together in person, I called and chatted with 4 different family members. It was nice but very tiring. And again, I didn't get to the insurance shopping...maybe tomorrow!

    Tomorrow, besides insurance comparing, I plan to wash/hang out several loads of blankets, find the dining room table ( I KNOW I have one somewhere!!) and attack another stack of papers. Oh - and do another half-hour, at least, of yard work.

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    Today I am cleaning and organizing plant markers. In addition to marking plants I have maps of the important stuff. Between the deer and the weather, these markers don’t stay in one place.


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