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Thread: How to thank essential workers in our community?

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    Olive Garden is now offering 2 meals for 12.99. Being a big tourist area we have tons of restaurants so I doubt any are getting enough business. Many won’t survive.

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    When walking the dog last night I noticed that the sidewalks had messages of thanks written in chalk to nurses, docs, police and grocery stores workers.
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    When we were on vacation last week we tipped generously and if appropriate had a brief conversation with them to express our concern. The last night we were in Hawaii we ended up eating at a place on the ocean that was doing takeout only. They have a nice lawn facing the ocean where we could watch the sunset so it was still quite nice even if we were eating a $120 meal out of takeout boxes with a $50 bottle of wine in paper cups. SO tipped $40 on that so the hostess came out and brought us patio chairs and a mini table. When leaving we also purchased dessert ($20) and I gave her $30 and told her I didn't need change. The look of gratitude I got was totally worth the money even though I know it won't be nearly enough to carry her and her coworkers over through all this.

    A couple of friends are already talking about planning a trip for the four of us up to Sonoma for a wine weekend once this is over so that we can spend some bucks helping all our favorite places get back on their feet.

    As for the Safeway across the street from us I go every few days and buy a bag full of stuff (we've always practiced just in time purchasing since they're so convenient so we didn't have much stocked up for an emergency.) While I'm there I make sure to ask the clerk (they all "know" me since I've been going there every day or two for ten years now) how they're doing and if everything's all right. A little kindness goes a long way.

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