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Thread: I thought it couldn't get much worse..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gardnr View Post
    You do need to do back exercises.

    80% of ruptured discs will resolve in 6 months. Hubster blew L3-4 years ago. I took him to my favorite Neurosurgeon and this was his advice. (Thank God for surgeons who aren't knife happy).

    So the back exercises: Hit YouTube

    Yoga: the cat/cow stretch

    Lie on your back. Bring your knees up to a 90/90. Now very slowly, take your knees toward the floor at your sides, slowly stretching. Hold for 15 seconds. Then go back up. Repeat in the other direction.

    Hubster did these religiously and in fact, his disc issue did resolve and the L3-4 dermatome is pain free. He has continued to do these exercises most days for the decade plus since then.
    Ugh, so sorry to hear this. I had a miserable herniated disc a few years ago and it did eventually resolve. I would agree with Gardnr about attempting stretches, and add that gently moving yourself into any position you can think of might be the one that brings some relief. I found that lying on my back with my head and feet elevated and a pillow tucked under my shoulder was an improvement for my C7 blowout.

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    Thanks everyone. I was a little hesitant to do any special exercises, without the spine doc seeing my MRI. Also, I have to be careful not to do exercises that put pressure on my prolapsing bladder. You name it, I got it! haha

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    So sorry youíre having big issues right now, Cathy. Yes, pretty much anybody thatís not in a real life-or death-emergency isnít being seen right now.

    I have a couple of good friends with chronic, but manageable with the correct meds, conditions... canít get the meds! Another friend was supposed to have an iron infusion this week- it was cancelled. Dr. called and told her to try taking a Vitamin C tablet with her iron tablet.... No Vitamin C to be found. I checked every store within a 60 mile radius, while she checked everywhere on line. Scary times.

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    Oh mschris.........that's really have meds get hard to find. That's why I refill mine the minute they're allowed to be refilled. Don't know what I'd do without the pain meds.
    I just finished my week of steroids. I guess when you feel good, you don't really think about it. But I think the steroids are wearing off already and it feels really worse again. But I sure don't want to be on steroids all the time.
    Another problem I'm finding is at big offices, the "receptionists" aren't always the most capable people. I tried to get in touch with a spine doc's PA yesterday who I saw last year, and I think she couldn't even get the right message to him and said they couldn't help me because my MRI was done somewhere else. They saw me last year under the same conditions. So I think the front office workers aren't always the best to get messages through accurately. I just wish I could handle severe pain better. Can't seem to rise above it. So many people suffering. I am so grateful, though, for all the hospital personnel hanging in there for all the sick.

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