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Thread: Will vegetable plants be available this spring/summer?

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    Not my first choice, but Home Depot has had vegetable starts in the past and so far they are open around here. It's too early for most things, but I've planted beets and spinach from seed in my raised bed. I know people who have ordered small plants (not seed) from High Country Gardens. I think they ship most places and I just checked their web site. They are saying they are open for business and shipping on time. They have a great variety of xeric plants, but others too.

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    1 of our local Organic nurseries has put out an announcment:

    Shop online or call. Place your order. They will gather everything requested. 2 people allowed in the store for pickup (or curbside can be done) at a time and must stay at least 6 f apart.

    I'm not in the Home Depot plant camp. It's OK to call me an organic snob ;-)

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    I went to Home Depot today. They had no vegetables, but lots of ornamentals. I guess that shows you what some people's idea of essential is. I was hoping to find parsley as it is frost hardy and could stretch the times between grocery store runs by becoming my salad green.

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    Im watching you tube videos and have discovered there are all these people who have a small lot gardening group in Orlando FL. They plant the entire city lot with edible trees, sweet potatoes, beans, greens and so on. They pretty much can harvest something daily. One guy lbuilt a 100 sf house out of recycled stuff, lived there for a year, and planted not only a garden for himself, but multiple gardens in the neighborhood and even some public places for anyone to forage. There is a law in Florida that a development or town cannot prohibit you from planting gardens anywhere on your property even in the front yard.
    Ill be eating fresh tomatoes in a few days. I bought some plants at my local Lowes, the closest place to me that has veggie plants. I think a lot of people dont bother because we have year round farmers markets here and even the local grocers are very well stocked. I have to figure out how to get some sweet potatoes in the ground.

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    Well, I've gotten most of my seeds, but some of the other stuff (pots, fertilizer) haven't arrived yet. It's so much work, but I was too afraid to count on them being available this year. Who knows......maybe it will snow in May.
    Looks like we have 2 dry days now, but rain for quite a few after that. Good thing some of the things I grow are in raised stock tanks. I can plant seed in those, even if the soil is wet, since it dries out so quickly.
    Scary times.

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