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Thread: Trying to figure out how to help financially

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    Some restaurants are not offering carryout. If you want to help tide them over now, gift cards are it. Our stimulus donations to other restaurants have been to places where we're not sure they'll make it at all. It's money we can afford to lose. But we sure would like to see them stick around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tradd View Post
    The thing with the restaurant gift cards is will they reopen? You might be out your $$. Perhaps getting carryout might be a better idea?
    It is a risk, certainly, that they won’t be around to serve my pork cutlets when the all clear is sounded. But it provides them cash right now in amounts greater than a single meal or two and requires no expense on their part until I show up. We just won’t “invest” more than we can afford to lose.

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    As far as the gift cards go, I've heard that it depends on the business. Some may get the cash now and others don't get it until they are cashed. In that case, I don't see how helpful they are in the long run. We have been giving straight cash to our service people as if they had provided the service now. Yes, the government is supposed to be helping individuals and businesses but almost everybody I've talked to has been stalled or denied for whatever reason. The system is just caving at the moment.
    Meals on Wheels almost doubled their clients in the past month and we have been putting our money there as well as donation to the local food bank. I have loved that while walking our dogs in the neighborhoods we have run across little stands with food. Not unlike free little libraries. They look to be set up by kids and have signs that say God Bless, take what you need. It fills my heart.

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    We are giving big tips on carry out and taking food to a shelter.

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