I would like to start a thread to take note of price increases in the items we consume.

Theoretically the quantities of items sold (eg toilet rolls) have increased significantly since, say 3/1/2020, as American consumers began to stock up or "hoard" in anticipation of being locked down. Sellers find that their total sales revenue increases when they raise prices.

In my household somebody needs an over-the-counter medication, famotidine. For a week or two we found that famotidine was not in stock in any of the local stores. On March 16 I ordered on Amazon a package containing 250 tablets of 20mg. They arrived today, April 6, after a delay that AMZN warned me about. (Fortunately I had ordered "well before" our supplies in the house were exhausted.) The price I paid 3/16/2020 was $24.99 plus $.37 sales tax for a total $25.36 (with free shipping). Cost per pill was about 10 cents.

As of today the identical product is available at AMZN for the price of $39.90 plus $2.19 sales tax, for a total $41.19 ... price per pill about 16 cents. Price increase = 60%