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Thread: Trying for the first time...

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    I had to google brother Jonathan - reminds me of baked polenta.

    I haven't been indulging in sweets that much but all this talk of blueberries and cherries and ice cream makes me want to run out and get some!
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    ooohh ice cream! I bought a counter top ice cream maker during all this so we've been indulging in more ice cream and frozen yogurt. Very excited about getting some fresh fruit to try in it! We had a tiny electric ice cream maker back in the 70s but making ice chips small enough to work with it was a PIA. We also have had several large makers, both crank and electric variety. (Can you tell we like ice cream?) This little one has a bowl you freeze ahead of time. If we want more solid ice cream, we just transfer it to a freezer container and freeze it harder, as opposed to back in the day when we had to let ice cream freeze by covering with rugs, etc. because who had that kind of room in the freezer then? I like the convenience of being able to make ice cream when we want it, without another trip to the store or ice cream parlor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catherine View Post
    Speaking of cherries, does anyone have good montmorency cherry recipes? I have a montmorency cherry tree, and my neighbors go ga-ga over it, but I don't know what to do with the cherries!!
    Lucky you! I buy concentrated Montmorency cherry juice to help with arthritis and it contains melatonin for sleep. I would try canning the juice or even freezing in addition to recipes. You could also make cherry flavored vodka or brandy.

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