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Thread: What's for dinner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by catherine View Post
    Mmmm... I'm so jealous!!! Did you fry the clams yourself? If so, I'm assuming they were fried belly clams? I LOVE those, but they are hard to find, and when you do get them, often they're too breaded. How do you make yours?
    Catherine: We got whole belly "fryer" clams from the fish market. DH says he dipped them in milk, then dredged them in flour. He then fried them in vegetable oil in a frying pan. He said the one annoyance was that he could only fry a few clams at a time, since we don't have a deep fryer. So I had to be there at the ready to eat them as they came out of the pan fresh and hot, lol, such a hardship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iris lilies View Post
    Sigh, I wish I could make baba ghanoush.

    Don’t tell me how easy it is to make! I’ve tried I can’t make it. Plus you have to have a big jar of tahini and I threw mine away ages ago.
    Mine was quite edible, but since I've only had it maybe one or two other times I don't know how it compares to anything. Just for academic purposes, I'm a fan of this lady's online recipes and own her cookbook. She is good at including some details that might be missed without going overboard and explains things in an easy to understand way for me. All meatless, but many would make good side dishes or deserts. She called it, "epic baba ghanoush", which hooked me. Tahini does have limited uses.

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    Lentil and brown rice bake with cheese topping. One of my comfort foods.
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    Tonight will be SW salads with rotisserie chicken.

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