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Thread: Hello from Texas!

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    Good to see you, Lark! I often wonder what happened to many of the people I remember on this site from even a few years ago. Nice to see a post from you.
    Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. - Booker T. Washington

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    Quote Originally Posted by larknm View Post
    Teacher Terry, my main new thing I've been up to is my best NM friend, Ann, 90 years old, got Alzheimer's a number of years ago and I've been learning about that ever since, including how to continue our friendship. The best learning has come from the Alzheimer's Cafe, where my African Grey Parrot, Cochiti and I took her every month until Ann was put in a Memory Care unit and I couldn't take her anymore. But Cochiti and I have continued to visit her there (iuntil Covid) making friends with staff and residents and having a good time. And Cochiti and I have continued to go to the Alzheimer's Cafe, where Cochiti lives out her role as Santa Fe's first therapy bird, which she carries out with friendliness and total sensitivity to the people living with Alzheimer's, a population she and I have come to value. Alzheimer's Cafe, by the way, is based on the discovery that people with dementia do better when working in any of the arts, and some of their productions are fantastic. Our friend, Ann, who was a painter of representative style before Alzheimer's, now paints the most beautiful contemporary work. It's been good learning for me in these past 5 or so years.
    Welcome back, Happy belated Birthday, and what a wonderful thing you and Cochiti are doing!!!
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    Lark, I went through a similar experience with a friend of mine that got early Alzheimerís in her 50ís. She stayed home until her husbandís cancer became terminally ill and couldnít care for them. We helped them stay together for 2 years and then he went to live with his son and she went to a home. We took 2 of our 4 dogs to visit regularly.

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    I was thinking about your parrot, too, but did not want to ask so glad he is going strong--such a beautiful bird.

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