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Thread: No one cares about this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    IL, a social worker won’t come to your house for a crime. But if someone is suicidal they will send a crisis team to defuse the situation.
    Hereabouts, suicide attempts are responded to by Fire/EMS, and the Sheriff. Both agencies have received training in how to deal with these situations . We generally have the crisis folks on the radio/phone supporting us - there are few of them, they don't staff to respond in 60 seconds, and they generally aren't on all the islands.

    The Sheriff is there primarily for scene safety. If the suicidal person is armed, the Sheriff deals with that part of the situation before the Fire/EMS people get to work.

    I've responded to lots and lots of these cases, and I haven't seen the Sheriff shoot anyone yet, even when the situation started out with the person waving around a firearm.

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    The lady outside was totally unarmed. Her mom inside did have a knife but was only threatening herself. The plans being discussed are for a cop to accompany the mental health professional but not be in charge. The MH professional would handle things and the cop is there in case things go sideways. Bae, it sounds like your community has a much better system.

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