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Thread: Another 40 Hours of Decluttering Using Flylady's Timer Method: July 8-August 31, 2020

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    I did an hour tonight, so new total is 23.5.

    I'm going to try to do an hour a day for the next ten days if I can. Things have gotten a little out of hand around here - I think in part because knowing no one is going to see the inside of my house for another six months (we're pretty much on lockdown here) has made me a bit less vigilant about tidying up. But I KNOW that is not good for my mental health or my daughter's. Work is incredibly busy right now, so an hour a day for ten days might not be realistic, but we'll see.

    nswef, you're reminding me I think I have a couple of dead humidifiers to get rid of too.

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    Good luck, EJ. Lockdown > spending more time at home is a great reason to make home the nicest place possible!

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    Good point, rosarugosa!

    I did another hour tonight. New total: 24.5.

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    I made contact via email with a local, long term term used bookstore to ask if they wanted my illustrated children’s book collection. She will take it as a donation, no more than 5 boxes at a time. This is a general store, and she knows a bit about children’s books, so she might be able to squeeze a few dollars out of this collection. A couple of these volumes came from her store to begin with.There are around 1200 volumes, and I will keep the best 200.

    I took photos of my Chinese pots and emailed them off to random decorators in the region listing prices. We shall see if that yields any interest.

    I have had no luck in stirring up interest in my old Chinese robe that I wanted to sell. I’ve been watching similar products on eBay, and they are not moving whether priced at $99 or $990. So I think maybe I will frame it, but it will have to be folded and put into a large poster frame. If I spread it out in its full unfolded glory that would take up way too much room. This is a very pretty textile and also has major sentimental value to me, so hanging it on the wall would not take up a lot of room.

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