I was something of a gym rat from my 30's through my early 50's. About three years ago I burned out and became a lot more casual about my workouts. Since COVID I've started walking regularly with a consistency I haven't for quite a while and am really enjoying it. Some days I do two shorter walks at a brisker pace (usually work days) and other days I do a longer walk at one go. I try to get 45-55 minutes of walking in 5 days a week.

Living on the Northern Plains, I know winter is coming and I want to be prepared to take my walks inside. Last winter I tried using the treadmills at the Y for my walks but working it into my schedule was a hassle so I quit. Even if I weren't dealing with the hassle factor, I'm not thrilled with the idea of exercising inside with strangers as long as COVID is around, and I suspect it will be for quite a while.

So I'm looking at purchasing a treadmill and it seems that the better quality ones come with bells and whistles I'll never ring or blow. I'm willing to pay for a good motor and solid tread bed because I want this machine to last a while. I'm trying to find that sweetspot of a good treadmill without too much fancy stuff. I'm looking at the Nordic Track T 6.5 SI which at $1300 is spendy. Does anyone have other recommendations as to brand and features?

Also I've been looking for a second hand one for quite a while and in my neck of the woods they just don't come up for sale that often. I anticipate that they we will be even more rare as treadmills, along with bikes and kayaks, are hot items these days.