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Thread: Stocking up for the fall/winter

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    I've decided that I just have to menu plan if we aren't going to run out of some things before winter is over and have too much of others. The stewed tomatoes go really quick. I froze 17 quarts of them to begin with. The shelf comfortably holds 16, so we ate one right away. Two weeks later, this week, we've now eaten another. If I keep us from using them any faster than 1 every 2 weeks, we'll have enough.

    Farm day today. Got enough tomatillos for probably at least another 2 quarts of salsa verde. That makes 4. I usually put aside at least 6. This is probably the last pick of the season. It was "gleaning" at the farm, which means they usually plow it under in the coming week and there will be no more. So, 4 will have to do. That means 1 salsa verde based dinner a month and it will get us through January. I also normally freeze 2 quarts of salsa cubes for taco seasoning, etc. I have none, so we'll be buying salsa verde as well.

    Onions show up next month. (I'll do 6 quarts of onions.) So do the celery and carrots. I'll do 12 mixed carrots, celery, & onion. Those will get used every 2 weeks too.

    I need to figure out, in more detail, the menu plan. Right now it's double veg (M/W) LOs (Tu) Egg (Th) double meat (F/Su) and sandwich (Sa). The pattern works. But with the limited bases I'll have, I'm stuck with essentially 1 meal, be it a double or single, using the bases, weekly. That's great, but what do I do the rest of the week?

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    As posted in another thread, I just got a huge bag of Gala apple seconds. I'll be eating those good enough to eat as it, throwing most onto the dehydrator and hopefully have time to make some applesauce out of some of them. Going to be busy trying to fit this in with the workday. Also hope I have enough empty cannings jars! All good problems in my book. LOL
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