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Thread: Migratory birds dying

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    Migratory birds dying

    As someone who used to do a lot of birding, I found this very unsettling. There are so many odd things happening in our environment right now.

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    That's unsettling, to say the least. I think of birds as a sensitive environmental indicator and it's not been good lately.

    I follow a bird forum for the state ("cobirds") and there were several reports of birds being grounded during fall migration after the recent freak snow. They apparently were exhausted battling through the cold and wet and reports told of them landing on the open spaces of roads and then being run over. A similar mix of species with about everything you'd expect from migration. Possibly unrelated, but maybe not.

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    "Over 3 billion birds have died since 1970. Insect populations are crashing, and this is just an unprecedented mortality," she said. "Climate change is affecting the abundance of insects, it's affecting the volatility of the fires, and the scary thing is this may be an indication of the future."

    Anyone who still thinks climate change is a ruse is just an idiot. How unfair that WE are causing it, but everything else is paying the price. So very sad.
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